Dog Carriers

Dog Carriers

A dog carrier is a very popular and safe way to transport toy and other small size dogs as well as puppies. They are a great choice for those who love to be able to carry their dogs anywhere from a walk in the park to a business meeting. Now days many businesses, such as coffee houses, restaurants and stores, are pet friendly. Dog carriers are available in many shapes, sizes and styles.  which makes it easy for you to control your dog in a safe and secure way.

Sling Dog CarriersThe sling dog carrier are small bags usually made of strong oxford clothe and are worn over one shoulder and serve their purpose at a reasonable price. Some sling carriers have  an around the body support feature. Many of the sling dog carriers are reversible and feature two different colors. Some even come with a warm lining such as wool or Sherpa material.  A sling pet carrier is easy to clean because it can be washed in a washing machine and line dried after a few trips around town. And you, as the carrier of the carrier, will appreciate this feature!

Backpack Dog CarriersThe majority of the backpack dog carrier and is made of canvas or nylon with nylon mesh panels. This combination allows for good breathability and comfort for you small dog. Some are designed with openings for all four legs making sure your pet is secure. Another style gives the added convenience of having a handle and padded shoulder strap. Zipping panels for security and roll up windows and padded mat ensure a pleasant trip for your dog. Some backpack carriers are sturdy enough to be airline approved and double their functionality by being wheeled as well.

Wheeled Dog CarriersA wheeled dog carrier is at the top of a dog owner’s travel accessory list. They offer the best in comfort for your pet and convenient mobility for the traveler. Like the backpack carrier most are made of nylon, or other heavy polyester material, and come with mesh panels for air flow and top openings with self locking zippers. They are very similar to wheeled, or roll on, luggage with a telescoping handle that locks in the down position and two wheels on a frame. A bottom pad is usually included for easy clean up.

Designer Dog CarrierFor the fashion conscience dog and owner there are designer dog carriers from well known brand names available. They are made almost exclusively for small and toy dogs although you can find an occasional designer made carrier for medium size dogs. A designer dog carrier is not only attractive. It is functional and made for comfort as well as looks. Juicy Couture is a popular brand of carrier that brings plenty of bling to the pet carrier market. You can really put on the dog with one of their black patent leather or leopard print dog totes!  Just follow the link and search designer.