Dog Collars

Dog Collars

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There are several types of dog collars in the marketplace and each serve a specific purpose. A lot of dog owners view the main purpose of a collar as being something to hang their pet’s rabies vaccination tag, an ID tag with name and address and a license tag on. It goes with out saying a collar is a convenient and comfortable place to attach a leash. While this is true there are different types of dog collars that are not just for decoration and identification.

Standard Dog Collar The most popular type of standard dog collar by far is the good old fashioned flat dog collar with a belt type or quick release buckle and a ring to attach a leash and tags. Made from a variety of materials, including leather or nylon, these collars come with or without designer bling. Of course, we do have a large supply of bling collars for the well-dressed elegant look. You can also find designer dog collars from designers such as Coach and Juicy Couture.

Halter head collar.Both a dog head collar and a halter collar works well and is similar in design to a horse halter. This collar goes around the neck and muzzle with a ring for the leash under the nuzzle. This type collar works well and is comfortable for dogs that tend to pull and jump when the dog is on a leash. The popular Martingale Collar is used as a limited slip collar for breeds with narrow heads and dogs that are simply proficient at slipping out of a flat collar. Gentle Leader Collars This collar is perfect for breeds such as the Greyhound and Saluki. A good Dog Halter is also safe and comfortable for the dog. The difference being on a halter the leash ring is on top of the muzzle and is very good for a dog prone to biting.

A grayhound martingale collar The martingale collar is very popular with dog owners whose dog or dogs have some leash behavior problems. The main difference in head collar and the martingale is that the martingale leash ring is on top of the collar. This type of collar is especially good for small headed dogs. Some good examples would be the greyhound (in fact some are sold as a greyhound martingale collar), the saluki and whippet breeds. Of course, much like a head collar, the martingale will work with any dog that likes to slip it's head out of a standard collar. Before you know he'll give up even trying to slip his collar!

A nice dog harness A dog harness while not technically classified as a collar, is a popular alternative for walking a dog that pulls while on a leash. They are made of leather and or nylon material with a band around the abdomen and the chest. These two pieces are connected down the back and chest with a ring on the top for connecting a leash. The padded or mesh dog harness is also adjustable with quick releases on both the chest and abdomen. A dog harness is effective and comfortable for your pet while not putting any pressure on the neck or throat.

Dual hock vibratingThe next types of collars are the special use collars. Some examples of this type collar are the bark control collar such as the vibrating collar, both of which come with settings options. These collars use a remote device to send a small vibration and/or electrical shock signal through contact points on the collar. The shocks can range from small tickling sensations to mild electric shocks. With this type shock collar care should be taken to not use to strong a shock, sending the wrong signal to your dog.

GPS Collar One of the best specialty collars in the marketplace today is the remote GPS collar for your lost or wandering dog. And it is becoming very popular with owners of hunting dogs as well. These are top of the line GPS devices priced to sale. One type of the dog tracking devices is a tag or collar with a coded tag attached that comes with an affordable embedded microchip. These collars are very reasonably priced and you can use your iPhone android smartphone!

Elizabethan Dog CollarAnother special use collar is the elizabethan collar, and is great for a dog with wounds, self-licking problems or recent surgery. They are cone shaped and open on both ends with the smaller end fitting around the neck of the dog. There are also inflatable versions of the recovery collar available and they are sometimes refereed to as the cone collar. These types afford even more comfort for the affected dog. We have some great prices on all of these collars!


Dog Choke ChainLastly there is the collar type used for correction and training. This includes the Choke and Prong or Pinch Collars. There are many responsible trainers and owners who prefer these types of collars for training and control purposes with difficult dogs. The best practice, in our opinion, to avoid accidental damage or strangulation is to use neither a choke chain nor pinch or prong collar as a full time collar when restraining your dog.