Dog House Pictures

Dog House Town Pictures

Here at our website we thought our visitors would appreciate some old and/or interesting pictures of dog houses and other interesting dog  pictures. Here is where you'll find pictures and scenes that we have come across on our Internet travels and some personal photos too. We'll keep adding pictures, as we find them, and maybe even a few videos you'll enjoy. So remember to check them out when you visit our store.

Old Log Dog Houses

Old Log Dog Houses

Old Dog House

Old Cabin Dog House




A Dog House for Jack

Paw Paw and His Staghound






Denaki Park ranger station dog house.

Dog House Denali National Park

Homeless man's Aussie mix, Buddy, does Lassie proud!

We'll be adding pictures as we find them so please come back often and have a look. Thanks for stopping by the Dog House Town online store.