Dog Houses

Find The Right Dog House

Size the house to the dog.Man's best friend deserves a clean, comfortable, and safe environment in which to relax and sleep. There are many types and sizes of dog houses available and buying the right one can be a daunting experience. From a large dog house to a small dog house proper sizing is the most important thing to consider when buying a home for your dog. You can get a general idea on the size of house your particular dog will need below with more information in the the specific sized dog house pages.

Extra Large Dog HouseIf your breed of dog is of the giant variety like Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds, then a extra large dog house  would be in order. Large dogs such as those the size of Boxers, Labradors and Collies do well in a large dog house . Australian Shepards, Bassett Hounds, Border Collies and others of similar size are considered to be of the medium size dog house variety and would therefore fit well in a medium  house.  The small breeds such as  Chihuahuas, and Toy Poodles will be comfortable in a small house.

Insulated Duplex Dog HouseA factor you'll need to keep in mind is the climate you live in. Do you have hot summers and cold winters? If so your dog's house would need to be of he insulated dog house type, keeping you dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can find an insulated house in any of the above sizes and styles that will handle extreme seasonal weather. A good dog bed or even your dog's favorite blanket would be nice on those cold snowy days. Dogs curl up with each other for warmth so why not get them a duplex to curl up in?

Used Dog HouseMany pet owners wonder if they can purchase a used dog house. The answer is most definitely yes! An online store that offers sparingly used houses for sale are great places to find what you need, in near perfect condition, at very reasonable prices. And Dog House Town is the one place you'll find the new or barely used dog house that’s best suited for your pet.  And your wallet too!