Dog Pens

Dog Pens


Dog PenDog pens are strong, portable, and will keep your dog safe with a secure feeling  at all times, whether in the home or the yard. With the gate open they are a place where your dog can isolate him or herself when they feel the need. The pens are also popular because dog owners sometimes need to give certain pets boundaries. And you can contain them when you feel the need! These pens are ideal for homes that do not have a yard with a fence, or have a fence without a gate.

Covered Dog Exercise PenOutdoor dog exercise pens and play pens are generally larger than standard dog kennels so your dog will have more space to move around and play. They come in different shapes and sizes and are usually open topped and made using galvanized wire with a gate in one panel. Pens can be secured to the ground with stakes as needed. If your puppies or dogs are too little for a large fenced yard, dog  play pens are an excellent way to keep them contained while keeping an eye on them as well. These pens are easy to install and most are portable, allowing you to easily move them from one location to another

Iris Plastic Indoor Dog PenIndoor dog pens are great tools for teaching your puppy the rules of the house. Pet owners with young dogs or puppies love this type of pen. Indoor pens do not necessarily follow the same design as outdoor play or exercise pens and come in a variety of decorative designs. The pens are good for dogs to get their much needed exercise, especially for apartment dwellers, and taking them for walks on a regular basis is not an option, They also provide your grown dog or puppy a place to do their business and makes cleanup a simple task.

Soft Sided Dog PenSoft sided dog pens are the newest trend for your dog while playing and exercising. They come in several sizes and heights and are usually made using 6 to 8 nylon or oxford cloth panels with mesh windows and a zippered door. Most of these pens come with a band for securing water and food bowls. Stakes for securing it outdoors are usually included too. The soft pens are foldable and come with a handy carrying case. This type of pen is ideal for small dogs and puppies and is a truly multipurpose pen that creates a safe environment to contain your dog, indoors or out.

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